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School Holiday Fun With NGV Community Ambassadors | 与NGV社区大使欢度学校假期

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The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Fed Square

Meet: Ground Level

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Past program

Come and meet NGV Community Ambassadors and participate in Mandarin and English art-making sessions in Remaking Home by artists Gracia and Louise. Learn about the Grey-headed flying foxes and what makes them so special. Make a collage and explore Melbourne Now to discover more art along the way together.


NGV Community Ambassadors are multilingual international student volunteers who welcome visitors and support a range of NGV programs and activities in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
The NGV Community Ambassadors project is supported by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations.

NGV社区大使一起参加艺术家 Gracia Louise 的互动式艺术作品 Remaking Home 并了解灰头果蝠 (Grey-headed flying foxes) 的特殊之处。制作你自己的拼贴卡片,然后一起探索 Melbourne Now展览,并发掘更多艺术的魅力     


NGV 社区大使是国际学生志愿者,他们用 英语、普通话和广东话欢迎访客,并支持一系列的 NGV活动。 


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