Smoke and Mirrors

Presented by Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne

Sorry you missed this one!

Smoke and Mirrors explores the intersection of stage sets, miniatures, architecture and narrative driven design. Utilising spatial analysis on film sets and literature the animated artefacts focuses on the hand and digital crafts of model making. The exhibit shows independent scenes that centralises around the wizarding world of magic. This was a collaboration with Tinytecture, United Make, Cube Zero and the Melbourne School of Design.

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Thu 14 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Fri 15 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Sat 16 Mar, 12–5pm (Past)

Sun 17 Mar, 12–5pm (Past)

Mon 18 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Tue 19 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Wed 20 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Thu 21 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Fri 22 Mar, 10am–5pm (Past)

Sat 23 Mar, 12–5pm (Past)

Sun 24 Mar, 12–5pm (Past)