T-A-L Think-in: Architectural Labour

Presented by The Architecture Lobby

Sorry you missed this one!

The Architecture Lobby  is a collective of architectural workers advocating for the value of the labour required to design, construct, and occupy architecture.  This Think-in, as one of the closing events of Melbourne Design Week, is an event by its Victorian chapter designed to generate substantive debate and discussion around the current labour issues facing the architectural profession – and their possible solutions. The panel is designed to give multiple perspectives on architectural labour, including how we organise labour and pay, and perspectives on external issues including how architects are set in relation to industry, developers and the public. The event will be recorded to inform The Architecture Lobby’s future activist and advocacy work.

Dr Peter Raisbeck, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Practice at MSD


Peggy Deamer, Professor of Architecture at Yale, founding member of T-A-L

Monique Woodward, Representing the AIA, Director at WOWOWA

Stephanie Bullock, Director at Kosloff Architecture

Jeff Provan, Director at NEOMETRO

William Ward, Worker