Isabel Holloway
The Pyramid

The Pyramid
Presented by Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

Free entry

LAUNCH: Thur 15 Mar, 10am

Rising heavily out of the ground and constructed from thousands of bricks, this anti-pavilion sits squarely within the temporary infrastructure of Testing Grounds. Monumental in nature yet fundamentally meaningless, The Pyramid provides a starting point for almost anything to occur.

For the duration of Melbourne Design Week, design students will use The Pyramid as a basis for a range of workshops, investigating the potential implications this fantastical form has on its environment. What is it doing here? Could it be useful? What can we learn from it? What should we do with it?

Visit Testing Grounds Wednesdays-Saturdays to join the activities and participate in public debate around this infrastructure anomaly.

β€œIt was never intended as a Mecca – but instead as a launch pad to help people realise how marvellous life is … a launch pad to reality, mixed with a large portion of delight.”

Cedric Price, The Conversation Series, Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2000.

Thu 15 Mar, 10am–6pm (Past)

Fri 16 Mar, 10am–6pm (Past)

Sat 17 Mar, 10am–6pm (Past)

Mon 19 Mar, 10am–6pm

Tue 20 Mar, 10am–6pm

Wed 21 Mar, 10am–6pm

Thu 22 Mar, 10am–6pm

Fri 23 Mar, 10am–6pm

Sat 24 Mar, 10am–6pm

Testing Grounds
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