Five global themes that impact the world.
A host of global commentators.
Hundreds of conversations and ideas.

Voices is a digital editorial project and part of NGV Triennial.

The name of the project refers to the billions of voices that make up our global community. We wanted to see how the five Triennial themes, of time, virtual, change, movement and body, manifest in the real world, through the voices and practices of people working in fields like medicine, literature, creative arts and critical theory.

To gather a diversity of ‘voices’ from around the world to reflect on these themes, we created an editorial model that began with four theme leaders.

We asked these four people to respond to one of the themes with a long-form essay. We also asked each of them to tap into their own networks to engage a range of other people to also respond to that same theme in any way they wished.

The University of Melbourne has celebrated the interdisciplinary nature of the NGV Triennial with a range of leading academics commissioning new material for this project alongside local and international respondents.