Riley Payne / Australia

image of Riley Payne

Australia born 1979, works in United States 2015–

Riley Payne’s meticulous photorealist drawings tease out new connections between disparate but instantly recognisable pictorial elements. By re-rendering existing photographic imagery through a labour-intensive drawing process, he attempts to stem the tide of visual information that assaults us daily. Enigmatic and open-ended, Payne’s drawings encourage new relationships between language and image that are achieved through the use of humour, subversion and recontextualisation.


In 2011 Payne was a finalist in the RBS Emerging Artist Award, and in 2014 he held a residency at Artspace, Sydney. Payne has held six solo exhibitions since 2008; most recently his exhibition Serenader at Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne in 2016. Since 2015 Payne has lived and worked in New York.

Supported by the Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists.