Atlanta Eke

Atlanta Eke

Photo: Zan Wimberly

Atlanta Eke
Australia born 1983

Fri 15 Mar, 1–2pm
Sat 16 Mar, 1–2pm

Great Hall, Ground Level
NGV International
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Dancer and choreographer, Atlanta Eke’s new work, INNOCENCE is a collaboration with Romantic poet, William Blake and his key work Songs of Innocence. A key work in the NGV collection, Eke’s response through dance seeks mirror and to reflect further on Blake’s fundamental questions, such as how the passage from childhood to adulthood is fraught with loss and Eke questions not only how we might preserve our innocence but also how museums might and could preserve and tend to an artwork.

Eke’s choreography examines the tension between a question of the internal systems a dancer develops over time and the processes of breaking or reforming new movement. Drawing on a historical analysis of how culture has been marketed in Victoria, Eke has set her work to reclaim and reach towards a choreography that denies a fixed image of dance. In terms of this history Eke asks, ‘how might a dancer adopt a radical position?’ Through a somatic practice that connects thinking, feeling and movement in a dancer’s body, Eke seeks to simultaneously create a choreography of interiority and institutional questioning.

Like Blake sought to do, Eke’s work engages with social critique, questions of adulthood morality and institutional structures. Eke’s choreography is often described, like Blake’s work, as subversive, critical and radical and in this new work she delves into how choreography might examine the ways that Songs of Innocence retains its radicality in the context of a museum collection.

Eke’s performance is in association with TINA (There Is No Algorithm). TINA is an IRL platform accessible to institutions via IRL client services. TINA is interested to ask, where digital platforms fail to provide sensitivity to context, can TINA provide Affect and Emotion-based Communication?

Choreographer and dancer: Atlanta Eke
Executive producer: Hana Miller
Sound composition and performance: Daniel Jenatsch
Scenography: Tim Birnie/Dawn Architecture
Video: Hana Miller and Jacob Perkins / RDYSTDY
Dancer: Ivey Wawn
Dancer: Angela Goh

Atlanta Eke is an award-winning dancer and choreographer concerned with dissolving pre-existing perceptions and expectations by changing fixed representations of the body through movement. For over a decade she has presented her work nationally at Dancehouse, ACCA, NGV (Melbourne), Carriageworks (SYD), MONA (Hobart), and Adelaide Festival among many others. She has toured internationally to Performance Space New York/PS122 (US), Tempo Festival (NZ), MDT (Stockholm), Fierce Festival (Birmingham UK), Les Plateaux de la Briqueterie (Paris), and Bassano Del Grappa (Italy) to name a few. Atlanta works with and beyond the limitations of the body, in collaboration with artists in variety of contexts. Her work with dance is currently project specific; within each project a question for the next arises, alongside an effort to deconstruct the modes of production and presentation of the previous work.

INNOCENCE was commissioned by NGV as part of the NGV Triennial 2023. With support from the Australian Research Council through research and commissioning partner Precarious Movements: Choreography and the Museum, a research project hosted by University of New South Wales, with Art Gallery of New South Wales, Monash University Museum of Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and Tate.