Installation view of NGV Triennial on display from 3 December 2023 to 7 April 2024 at NGV International, Melbourne.<br/>
Photo: Sean Fennessy<br/>

Diego Cibelli

Photo: Francesco Squeglia

Diego Cibelli
Italy born 1987

Level 2
NGV International
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Meditation in an emergencyis a direct outcome of the experiences of the artist in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic, where everyday rituals and objects – especially food, took on new meaning. Created from an assemblage of more than fifty ceramic elements, and using the highly symbolic form of the throne, Diego Cibelli reflects on crises and the transformative power they possess. Cibelli believes that conscious experiences during times of emergency (such as COVID-19) can prompt individuals to reevaluate their needs and priorities, emphasising the importance of the essential aspects of life. Inspired by everyday objects – flowers, fruits, and vegetables – these humble items take on new meaning in his art.

In his artistic research, Diego Cibelli explores humanistic geography, interpreted as the study of territories, their history and the related sense of belonging that human beings develop. His designs are often imbued with rich narrative potential – as markers of time, existence and existential musing. Cibelli’s design practice is mainly based on the use of ceramics and porcelain. These media become an open link ready to connect a variety of artistic techniques, visions and historical references blending to create designs in which past, present and future coexist.

Purchased with funds donated by Amit and David Holckner, and Lisa Ring, 2023