Education resources (PDF)


This resource provides education support material for the exhibition Vienna: Art & Design – Klimt, Schiele, Hoffmann, Loos (National Gallery of Victoria, 18 June – 9 October 2011) and the associated website. It offers an overview of the themes of the exhibition as well as focusing on Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann and selected works of art and design.

Designed for senior students and teachers of Art and Studio Arts; Visual Communication and Design; and Design and Technology, it can also be adapted for use with younger students.

Ways to use the education resources

Images and discussion points may be used for preparation before visiting Vienna: Art & Design – Klimt, Schiele, Hoffmann, Loos and material may be explored in greater depth in post- visit activities. Some of the highlighted works are part of the NGV permanent collection and could form the focus for further visits or classroom projects.

Discuss, Analyse, Compare and Design headings are followed by focus questions or tasks that aim to promote a deeper understanding of artworks and ideas presented in the exhibition. They are applicable to all of the above studies, but where they preference the emphasis of one study over another, that study is indicated.

The following key provides a guide to the abbreviation used for each study:

Key Field of study
A Art
SA Studio Arts
VCD Visual Communication and Design
DT Design and Technology

A glossary and bibliography can be found at the end of the resource.

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