Augmented Studio

BY Frank Vetere

THEME LEADER Peter Vee Sin Lee

SUPPORTED BY University of Melbourne, as part of the NGV Triennial – exploring the emerging intersections of art, design, science and society.

Frank Vetere and his team apply a fusion of augmented reality and gaming technology to their daily studies of anatomy. For NGV Triennial Voices, Vetere and his team from Augmented Studio share video insights as to how they obtain augmentation to the body through projection mapping and virtual anatomy which are projected on the moving human body, turning it into a live canvas for health education. This technology is used to facilitate an understanding of the mechanics of body movements and can be used inside the classroom.

Frank Vetere is Professor of Computing and Information Systems at the School of Engineering, University of Melbourne.


Frank Vetere: director of Interaction Design Lab and SocialNUI centre, oversees all aspects of the project.

Thuong Hoang: Honorary Research Fellow: oversee the project vision and development, and its application in education and health domains.

Hasan Ferdous: Research Fellow: the day to day management of the project and its further development using new body tracking technologies

Zaher Joukhadar: Software Engineer: the implementation and deployment of the project.

Martin Reinoso: PhD Candidate, implementation and deployment, and its further development using new augmented reality display technologies.

David Kelly: Lecturer of Physiotherapy: collaborator, teaching physiotherapy classes using Augmented Studio at the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.