Recasting the artificial limb

BY Peter Lee

THEME LEADER National Gallery of Victoria

SUPPORTED BY University of Melbourne, as part of the NGV Triennial – exploring the emerging intersections of art, design, science and society.

Peter Lee is involved in biomechanics for lower limb prostheses and orthoses (broadly defined as a physical device applied externally to the body to assist in function or movement) to improve artificial limb function and facilitate the psychological acceptance of amputees. His team works on the development of new materials and methods for low cost prostheses in the developing world. For NGV Triennial Voices, Peter Lee and his team share a documentary of their travel to Vietnam to trial a new technology for the casting of artificial limbs. The technology is affordable, efficient and simple to introduce, making it ideal for improving wellbeing in disadvantaged communities.

Peter (Vee Sin) Lee is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Melbourne.


Video: Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.