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Henri Rousseau:
An Interactive Story



Henri Rousseau - Old Man Juniet's Trap

 Henri Rousseau,  called ‘Le Douanier’
 Old Man Juniet's Trap, 1908
 Oil on canvas
 97.0 x 129.0cm
 Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris
 © Photo RMN - Gérard Blot



Every artist has their own style and technique - their own special way of making art. Looking at the style and techniques used by an artist can give us an insight into what the artist was trying to achieve.

This animated story investigates the style and technique of artist Henri Rousseau.

Launching the story online requires the free Flash 5 player on your system.

A printable text version is also available. This version covers the concepts of the interactive version, without the animation and interactive elements.

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