Photo Credit: Shivneel Kumar.

DJ Residency: Kerfew

Past program

Wed 24 Jan, 6–9pm (Past)

Deepa & DeSilva
Free entry, no booking required.

Thu 25 Jan, 6–9pm (Past)

Brown Suga Princess & Kieffairy
Free entry, no booking required.

Sat 27 Jan, 6–9pm (Past)

Neil Kumar & Kasun
Free entry, no booking required.

Sun 28 Jan, 6–9pm (Past)

Munasib & Sheesh Rajah
Free entry, no booking required.

Free entry

NGV International

NGV Garden
Ground Level

Spend your evening soaking up the sun in the Garden at NGV, with Kerfew hosting artists such as Deepa, Brown Suga Princess, Neil Kumar, Munasib, and Sheesh Rajah.

Kerfew is an Australia-wide creative collective of South Asian musicians, designers and broadcasters (together, artists) who use art as a vehicle to explore, reimagine and celebrate the cultures and stories that are shaped by the uniquely Australian South Asian diaspora experience.

Wednesday 24 January: Deepa & DeSilva

Deepa, a DJ and radio-presenter based in Eora (Sydney). When she’s not manning the radio Sunset FBi Radio waves or planning the city’s next night to remember via her various projects (Bypass, Kerfew, Honey Point), Deepa can be found presiding over a thumping dancefloor somewhere in Eora (Sydney), wielding her USBs to stunning effect and mixing up an eclectic storm of oddball and leftfield selections

Desilva (George De Silva) is a Naarm based DJ, live performer and producer. His live performances consist of improvised, stripped back dance music moving through the realms of house, techno and electro. Performing with a combination of hardware and modular synthesisers, every live set is different.

Thursday 25 January: Brown Suga Princess & Kieffairy

Brown Suga Princess uses their sets as a way to express their love for sexy, smooth and moody music while exploring their reconnection to their South Asian culture. Ria blends diasporic sounds, unrelenting drums and heavy bass-lines to create a dance floor that feels expressive and connected.

Kieffairy AKA Naz is an artists from west Naarm (Melbourne). Her dexterity with sound has brought her to showcasing her most opulent, brain-melting selections. Naz, first and foremost, honours her Bengali roots in music, as well as the subcultures she belongs in. She puts emphasis on the negative space present in her selections of dubstep, dub, reggae & electronic tracks.

Saturday 27 January: Neil Kumar & Kasun

Neil Kumar is a Kerfew AU collective member, art director, graphic designer, photographer & DJ. As a DJ, he pulls South Asian influences, hip hop and UKG forward and wheels them right back into skittering, hi-tempo club music. Neil Kumar’s identity and South Asian background is proudly weaved through his visual work, directing music videos and designing magazines when he’s not behind the decks.

Kasun is a DJ, record label boss, and party don based in Naarm (Melbourne). Kasun’s driving and club-leaning style is immersed in a sense of warp as he steps through tech-house, techno, trance, electro, breaks and bass. Flirting with the serious, the not-so-serious, a nod to the rave, a kiss from the doof – his sound becomes an unconstrained sonic excursion all tinged with a theme of trippy-groove, tension and release

Sunday 28 January: Munasib & Sheesh Rajah

Munasib is an Australian born, Bengali DJ, producer, journalist, and curator marks a sea change in Australian dance culture, reflecting the new wave of Australian art and South Asian excellence with sets that as easily include Bollywood beats as Vince Staples’ ‘Norf Norf’.

Sheesh Rajah is a Boorloo born songwriter, producer and artist. Their love for sound and its place in our world has them exploring every crevice of sound available – Mr.Rajah lets us experience sound with no barrier.

DJ Residency Triennial NGV International