Melbourne Design Week

The Grey Zone: Collecting and Collaboration in Contemporary Art and Design

Presented by Edition Office and Trent Jansen

Sorry you missed this one!
Free entry
Artbank Melbourne,
18–24 Down St,

OPENING: SAT 21 MAR, 1PM–3PM, booking required

For the first time in its history, Artbank will present an exhibition that inhabits the nexus between art and design. Blurring traditional boundaries between visual artists and designers, Artbank invites Trent Jansen and Edition Office to collaboratively explore the concept of the Collection as a cultural repository of ideas, objects and memories. Through revisiting their own design, Edition Office will have the opportunity to reinterpret the unique Artbank site collaboratively with design practitioners to question and consider the nature of the Collection. The responsive, site specific project and associated programming coincides with Artbank’s 40th anniversary which will be celebrated throughout 2020.

Narelle Autio, Nathan Beard, Stephanie Schrapel, Tim Johnson, Philip Juster, Jim Marwood, Alisdair McLuckie, Pip Ryan. Alongside – Edition Office, Maree Clarke, Trent Jansen and Johnny Nargoodah, Field Experiments, Charles Wilson, Guy Keulemans, Kyoko Hashimoto, Vicki West.

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Instagram @artbankau
Twitter @artsculturegov
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Thu 12 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Fri 13 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Sat 14 Mar, 12–3pm (Past)

Mon 16 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Tue 17 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Wed 18 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Thu 19 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Fri 20 Mar, 9am–5pm (Past)

Sat 21 Mar, 1–3pm (Past)

Free entry
Artbank Melbourne,
18–24 Down St,

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