wani toaishara: This Spirit is No Citizen

Past program

Wed 24 Jan, 6.45pm (Past)

Free entry, no booking required.

Thu 25 Jan, 6.45pm (Past)

Free entry, no booking required.

Fri 26 Jan, 6.45pm (Past)

Free entry, no booking required.

Free entry

NGV International

Exhibition space
Level 2

For Triennial EXTRA, artist, wani toaishara showcases a segment from his work This Spirit is no Citizen, responding to Triennial artist Todd Gray’s work the hidden order of the whole (Venus). Over three nights during EXTRA, audiences will be invited to see the visual, sonic and spatial performance which will activate the NGV’s Salon Gallery with uninhibited movement and dance.

wani toaishara is a Congolese artist whose works span various mediums including photography, performance, installation and film. His practice explores Black life and representation, dislocation and Indigeneity as well as the effects of colonialism on Africa and its diaspora. His Practice celebrates Black life and explores the complexities of Black sociality in urban spaces, often using his personal history to create intimate and personal works. wani’s use of urban spaces is significant in transforming banal spaces into dramatic stages for exploration and reflection.

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