Farhana Satu | Dhaka

Photo: courtesy of the artist

Farhana Satu
Bangladesh born 1991

Megacities, Level 3
NGV International
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‘Due to urbanisation, everything in the city has been touched by change. There is a paradigm shift in the cultural and social context. As a result, cultural exchange is changing the city. The signs of change can be easily seen on the streets, in people’s behaviour, in clothes, in movement, in speech. Not only that, but bus stands are also increasing around the city, expanded roads, flyovers, new shops are being built along footpaths, the number of hawkers is increasing, the amount of vehicles is increasing. And the city is expanding day by day. Its size is increasing. Religious bigotry is on the decline and communal harmony is on the rise. Due to the improved communication system, people from remote areas are coming to Dhaka and sharing various regional songs, stories, folklore and rural culture with us.’

Farhana Satu is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She was born in Bagerhat district but raised in Dhaka. She studied photography at the University of London, Pathshala South Asian Media Institute and the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Satu’s work focuses on stories which might have been overlooked or taken for granted by casual witnesses. As a visual storyteller, she explores the political, social, and personal aspects of what transpires around us every day and the stark implications they may have on our lives in the long run. Satu’s photographs have been widely published and she has participated in various photo festivals and numerous workshops.

Sound & music by Esmam

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