Mas Agung Wilis Yudha Baskoro

Mas Agung Wilis Yudha Baskoro | Jakarta

Photo: courtesy of the artist

Mas Agung Wilis Yudha Baskoro
Indonesia born 1992

Megacities, Level 3
NGV International
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‘I’m sharing a story about the lives that are closest to me as a migrant, a city dweller, a lower-middle-class citizen, and a worker. I try to capture moments of ‘bitterness and happiness’ that represent the other side of life in a big city. Through this project, I want to invite everyone to enjoy Jakarta the way its residents do. My photography tells stories of people on the outskirts – those who are forgotten, who come and go, who pass by the streets, who blend in with the wind and dust. They are the driving force behind the city, the ones who have transformed Batavia into South-East Asia’s most populous metropolitan city. In my photographs I want to show a liminal space, a space where we can live together while continually asking, ‘When will these hundreds of skyscrapers provide shelter for us who live below them?’

Jakarta-based Indonesian photographer Mas Agung Wilis Yudha Baskoro is an anthropologist, photojournalist and documentary photographer. His work addresses social, environmental and cultural issues in contemporary Indonesia with particular focus on women, children, environment, ocean, wildlife, and renewable energy-related issues. Yudha’s work has been widely published and as a senior photographer for the Jakarta Globe, he is an experienced photo editor for global companies and NGOs. His work has been shown in exhibitions at a number of venues in Indonesia.

Sound & music by Wahono, DIVISI 62.

The NGV warmly thanks the Orloff Family Charitable Trust, and Barry Janes and Paul Cross for their support.