Installation view of Hito Stereyl’s work on display in NGV Triennial from 3 December 2023 to 7 April 2024 at NGV International, Melbourne. Photo: Sean Fennessy

Hito Steyerl

Photo: Leon Kahane

Hito Steyerl
Germany born 1966

Level 3
NGV International
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Hito Steyerl is known for her critique of technocracy across video, essays, lectures, installations and photography. She speculates on the impact of digitisation, technology and globalisation, often looking at the ways images are produced, disseminated and consumed. Sandbags/texture, Kharkiv and Tent/ texture III, Kharkiv are photographic prints of fragments of war in the city centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine, following the annexation of Crimea in 2014. To produce these images, Steyerl used an iPhone application that 3D-scanned elements of the city’s landscape, with each image then made through repeated printing using UV technology, building a collaged appearance on the print surface. Steyerl presents the architecture of war and its impact on a cityscape while fragmented imagery reflects the impact of technology and globalisation on how we consume images of conflict.

Hito Steyerl’s prolific filmmaking and writing occupies a position between the fields of art, philosophy and politics. Steyerl studied documentary film directing at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image and the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF), and received a doctorate in philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. She is Professor for Experimental Film and Video at the Berlin University of the Arts, where she co-founded the Research Center for Proxy Politics. Steyerl’s recent solo exhibitions include the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2022; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2022; and Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2021.

Purchased, NGV Foundation, 2023