Selinda Davidson<br/>
<em>Tali Tjuta</em> 2021 <!-- (full view) --><br />

glass (enamel)<br />
25.5 x 24.2 cm diameter<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Presented by the Melbourne Art Foundation, 2022<br />
2022.851<br />
© Selinda Davidson

Selinda Davidson

Photo: courtesy of Ninuku Arts and Jam Factory

Selinda Davidson
Pitjantjatjara born 1994

Level 2
NGV International
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Selinda Davidson created this series of glass vessels as part of her mentorship with South Australian glass artist Clare Belfrage in JamFactory’s glass studio. The hand-worked surfaces of the vessels feature Davidson’s highly textured linear paintings and are the culmination of her experiments and explorations into the medium of glass as a mode of cultural expression. Davidson makes design (walka) inspired by traditional mark-making and tjukurpa (ancestral stories) that for this series inform the design of each vessel.

Selinda Davidson was born in 1994 in Alice Springs, where she went to primary school. As a teenager she moved to Irruntyju and then Pipalyatjara. After Davidson finished school, she became a member of Aṉanguowned arts centre Ninuku Arts, painting regularly and serving as an arts worker. Davidson enjoys making walka (design) inspired by traditional mark-making and tjukurpa (ancestral stories). Davidson works alongside her grandparents Jimmy Donagan and Molly Miller at Ninuku Arts and has learned from them how to paint tjukurpa and translate story into her design. Her family’s Country is in Warburton, Western Australia, and she speaks both Pitjantjatjara and English.

Presented by the Melbourne Art Foundation, 2022