Installation view of Smac McCreanor’s work <em>Hydraulic press girl</em> on display in NGV Triennial from 3 December 2023 – 7 April 2024 at NGV International, Melbourne.<br/>
 Photo: Sean Fennessy<br/>

Smac McCreanor

Photo: courtesy of the artist

Smac McCreanor
Australia born 1992, lives in the United States 2013–

Ground Level
NGV International
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Conscious of the glut of content on social media, and with a keen awareness of the slippery definition of art, Sarah McCreanor – known as Smac – has curated an online presence that straddles performance art and content creation. Accumulating more than one billion views since the series launched online in late 2020, Hydraulic press girl is familiar to many, although not everyone may recognise it as art when first viewed on social media.

The Brisbane-born and Los Angeles–based artist has embraced social media as both a platform and medium for her performance art, creating work that flips expectations while staying true to the nuanced ways people communicate online. Hydraulic press girl specifically takes inspiration from the trend of reaction videos to various objects being compressed by a hydraulic press. Smac’s training and ongoing work as a professional dancer and comedian is apparent, as she convincingly interprets the destruction of each object through movement – the illusion of chaos conjured through total control of her body.

Smac McCreanor is a Brisbane-born performance artist, actress, dancer and choreographer based in Los Angeles. Her signature style is reputably known for its slapstick physicality, clever originality and comedic charm. With training in dance and theatre and studies in fine arts, she landed her first leading role in a major world-touring stage production at eighteen years old. She settled her career in the US, performing in television, commercials and music videos while still producing original material for her digital works and various live comedy shows in Los Angeles. McCreanor’s digital material has surged to over one billion views across all platforms, and continues to grow.

Courtesy of the artist