The Henry Talbot Fashion Photography Archive


Senior Curator, Photography, at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

No title (Fashion illustration for Fibremakers, model Maggi Eckardt) 1966, printed 2016

Twentieth-century fashion photography was ephemeral by nature; it was generally made for reproduction and prints were not always kept once this process was completed. As a result, historically it has not been considered significant for gallery collections which value 'vintage prints'. In recent years this position has been revised and fashion photography has been widely collected, exhibited, researched and published in Australia and internationally. Practitioners working in this area who have previously had little or no acknowledgement in histories of photography are now having their work recognised.

Talbot was an important figure in the Melbourne photography and fashion landscape for several decades and his legacy enriches our understanding of an era now passed. Works in this exhibition are drawn from the Henry Talbot Fashion Photography Archive, a remarkable collection comprising more than 35,000 negatives and photographs that document the Australian fashion industry from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. The collection was presented to the National Gallery of Victoria in two groups; firstly from Henry Talbot, secondly from John and Esta Handfield.1 This material entered the NGV Collection in original paper envelopes that listed the date of the job, the client, and sometimes the names of the models. It is the intention of the NGV to make more of the Henry Talbot Fashion Photography Archive accessible to researchers in the coming years.

The Henry Talbot fashion photography archive contents

33,941 negatives and transparencies
796 gelatin silver photographs
508 proof prints

Unless specified, all negatives are 6.0 x 6.0 cm black–and–white negatives. Titles are taken from inscriptions on the original paper storage envelopes.

Renee full length mink coat, April 1958 14 negatives
Renee furs, April, 24 (5" x 4") negatives
Signature casuals, December, 4 (5"x 4") negatives

U.S.P. B.N.S., one jumper, November 1959, 20 negatives
Wool Bureau, aero set, November, 11 negatives
Romain de Compe hats, October, 22 negatives
Dominex coats and dresses, October, 98 negatives
Furs in dock, December, 128 negatives
Jan Wakely and man in studio, December, 24 negatives
Sportscraft, October, 136 negatives
Girl in studio, January, 4 (5" x 4") negatives
Rennee furs, January, 7 (5" x 4") negatives

Liberty corset, 44 negatives
Headdress and bouquet, 22 negatives
Wool bureau, August, 13 negatives
Skirts on boulevard, November, 22 negatives
Kids at school, October, 48 negatives
Glo-weave shirts, January, 24 negatives
Weight lifters at Finlay's Gym, September, 24 negatives
Noisette hats, January, 72 negatives
Two brushed nylon nightgowns, January, 23 negatives

Banlon shirt and socks, February, 29 negatives
Fletcher Jones, February, 18 negatives
Wool calendar, February, 18 negatives
Vogue, wool, February, 64 negatives
Wool bureau, fishing shots, picnic shots, January, 48 negatives
Lincoln mills, January, 23 negatives
Peter Chan, 'Suzie Wong', March, 22 negatives
Lincoln knitting mills, January, 36 negatives
Banlon, January, 114 negatives
Australian Wool Bureau, March, 22 negatives
Couple in art gallery [NGV], January, 34 negatives
Paton advertisement, Lincoln Mills 6 (5" x 4") negatives

Wool Bureau, October, 260 negatives
Cadbury's show card, November, 39 negatives
Portraits of Janet Berry, November, 34 negatives
Boy and lamb, August, 66 negatives
Girl and boy, August, 28 negatives
Holeproof stockings, August, 48 negatives
Everglaze shirts, September, 48 negatives
Furs, March, 158 negatives
Brit nylon spinner, October , 130 negatives
Four garments, March, 177 negatives
Lincoln knitwear, March, 60 negatives
Kartex, five garments, July, 60 negatives
Hamer knit wear, September, 151 negatives
Wild colonial knitwear and poster, November, 84 negatives
Naturally Australian, November, 72 negatives
Wool Bureau, December, 144 negatives
Australian Wool Bureau, October, 58 negatives
Universal uniforms, October, 124 negatives
Sutex suits, November, 54 negatives
Prestige, June, 84 negatives
Canns bridal outfit, March, 34 negatives
Two matrons dresses, September, 22 negatives
La Petite, October, 70 negatives
Three summer dresses, October, 108 negatives
Stafford Ellinson, April, 58 negatives
Monty leisure wear, March, 64 negatives
'Love on a ferry' and couple in park, June, 108 negatives
Tennis dresses, July, 162 negatives
Wool Bureau, coat and race outfit, November, 36 negatives
Australian wool board, award winner, October, 22 negatives
Two mode tests, July, 86 negatives
Australian Wool Bureau supreme award winners, February, 36 negatives
Vogue Australia, Ford Falcon and Pelaco, December, 116 negatives
Three lingerie garments, October, 58 negatives
Australian Wool Bureau, Hanro jumpers, September, 4 negatives
Arrow shirts, February, 5 (5" x 4") negatives
Chandelier and cans, November, 10 (5" x 4") negatives
Lucas test shot, November, 12 (5" x 4") negatives

Colour transparencies
Sportscraft, Bistro series, 10 (5" x 4")
Further rejects from Bistro series, 21, (5" x 4")

Gown of the year, 1963, 926 negatives
Dominex coats, April, 156 negatives
Gold cross shoes, August, 120 negatives
Parott knitwear, March, 206 negatives
Prestige frock, September, 27 negatives
Kissaime Davis suits, 142 negatives
Fibremakers, September, 150 negatives
Symington foundation garments, June, 20 negatives
Everglaze dress, March, 36 negatives
Sportscraft, November, 270 negatives
Gold cross shoes, August, 23 negatives
Seven garments in studio, December, 156 negatives
Vogue, Champs Elysee and Ninette suits, 14 December, 48 negatives
Vogue, Qantas sign, December, 50 negatives
Goullet hats, December, 99 negatives
Eagle suit on Rod Sterling at Southern Cross hotel, October, 34 negatives
Canns fashion parade, October, 32 negatives
Sportscraft skirts, October, 66 negatives
Maglia clothes, February, 24 negatives
Orlon travel jersey, March, 48 negatives
Myer Emporium, two bathing suits, December, 4 negatives
Hanbury, February, 70 negatives
Dominex coat, May, 150 negatives
'The great look' film star series, 102 negatives
Flair furs, February, 368 negatives
Banlon sweaters, August, 114 negatives
Helanca swimwear, March, 5 negatives
Ernest Hiller sports jacket, July, 147 negatives
Sulex swimwear, March, 78 negatives
Kayser, April, 24 negatives
'Sail away fashions', June, 130 negatives
Fibremakers trend menswear, February, 23 negatives
Lady Pelaco and Ford, Vogue advertising, January, 94 negatives
Classic weaving mills, February, 96 negatives
Fibremakers, February, 22 negatives
Australian Wool Board, wool supreme award, November, 341 negatives
Young lady Pelaco shirt, March, 65 negatives
Maglia 23 (5" x 4") negatives
Maglia swimsuits 8 (5" x 4") negatives
'The great look' film star series 24 (5" x 4") negatives
'The great look' 15 (5" x 4") negatives
Prestige material 8 (5" x 4") negatives
Furs, Flair magazine 68 (5" x 4") negatives

Australian Wool Board, wool awards, December, 200 negatives
Gown of the year 1964, 536 negatives
Fibremakers, stretch pants, March, 134 negatives
The Queens arrival, Parliament House, April, 46 negatives
Janice Wakely, January, 24 negatives
Prestige, May, 36 negatives
Flair, February 57 negatives
Tamar jumpers, March, 96 negatives
Canns fashions, April, 48 negatives
Pelaco shirts, April, 192 negatives
Slips and pidgeons, March, 48 negatives
Banlon knitwear, March, 28 negatives
Prestige, May, 120 negatives
Osti slips, April, 70 negatives
Australian Wool Board, one sweater on Brian Burton at yacht club, January, 86 negatives
Pelaco men's shirts, February, 96 negatives
Australian Wool Board, international awards parade, Georges, February, 97 negatives
Myer Chadstone, Crestknit, March, 114 negatives
Gossard, March, 162 negatives
Prestige, girl in slip, February, 126 negatives
Gossard girdles, February, 24 negatives
Prestige nightwear and lingerie, March, 122 negatives
Australian Wool Board, stretch slacks and skirt, February, 44 negatives
Le-Roy suits, January, 66 negatives
Australian Wool Board, international award, February, 164 negatives
Myer Chadstone, February, 90 negatives
Australian Wool Board, baby set, nighties and negligee, February, 46 negatives
Ladies from Pucci, December, 89 negatives
Dupont Orlon, Slade knitwear, March, 161 negatives
Couple on tarmac, April, 70 negatives
Australian Wool Board, baby set, night dress and negligee, February, 54 negatives
Gossard, March, 26 (5" x 4") negatives

(No title), November, 225 negatives
Holeproof, September, 142 negatives
Manufacturers and models, December, 136 negatives
Australian Wool Board – Vogue, December, 36 negatives
K. M. aluminum windows, November, 51 negatives
Fibremakers – stretch slacks, October, 128 negatives
Fibremakers, Myer's display, July, 34 (5" x 4") negatives
Copy negs of Orlon transparencies, 22 (5" x 4") negatives
Australian wool board, November, 4 (5" x 4") negatives

Australian Wool Board, textile award winners (dresses), February, 216 negatives
Fibremakers, October, 238 negatives
Fibremakers, November, 104 negatives
Seymour furs, March, 84 negatives
Fibremakers, November, 132 negatives
Lycra, August, 189 negatives
Sportscraft, August, 84 negatives

Australian Wool Board, wool awards, November, 1068 negatives
Image Australia, Sportscraft dresses, August, 188 negatives
Sportscraft, June, 196 negatives
Australian Wool Board, November, 319 negatives
Vonnel, August, 82 negatives
Kangaroo coats, September, 58 negatives
Sportsgirl, February, 82 negatives
Australian Wool Board, December, 100 negatives
Sportscraft, June, 128 negatives
Fibremakers, November, 32 negatives
Trarola, July, 140 negatives
Fibremakers, July, 89 negatives
Fibremakers, May, 78 negatives
J. Egge and R. Harding, November, 58 negatives
Fatel furs, February, 35 negatives
Fur parade, March, 24 negatives
Sportscraft, October, 58 negatives
Coates paton, October, 102 negatives
J. Brown knitwear, September, 150 negatives

Sportscrat, October, 96 negatives
Sportscraft PR shots, August, 106 negatives
Sportsgirl, August, 96 negatives
Fletcher Jones, September, 28 negatives
Fibremakers dress and hat, November, 60 negatives
Georges still life, 102 negatives
Sportsgirl, July, 21 negatives
Sportsgirl, September, 68 negatives
See-through garments, September, 150 negatives
Emma dresses, July, 354 negatives
Tracksuit and swim trunks, June, 103 negatives
Ansett knitwear, October, 249 negatives
Australian Wool Board, December, 292 negatives
Fletcher Jones, November, 434 negatives
Australian Wool Board, Royal Melbourne Show and NGV, September, 828 negatives
Kids, August, 240 negatives
Porrat men's knitwear, December, 334 negatives
Fletcher Jones, November, 366 negatives
Vogue Australia, shoes and bags, June, 102 negatives
Australian Wool Board, November, 462 negatives
Sportscraft, August, 162 negatives
Sportscraft, March, 46 negatives
Coates Paton, July, 24 negatives
Couple in park, January, 72 negatives
Sportsgirl, January, 62 negatives
Sportsgirl, January, 72 negatives
Sharene creations, April, 84 negatives
Sharene creations, April, 72 negatives

Fletcher Jones, April, 202 negatives
Watersun bathers, August, 226 negatives
Sportscraft, March, 245 negatives
Coates Paton for Woman's Day, June, 346 negatives
Lucas dresses, October, 144 negatives
Watersun swimsuits, August, 82 negatives
Australian Wool Board (location NGV), April, 64 negatives
Maglia dresses, August, 23 negatives

Australian Wool Board, November, 408 negatives
Dominex, May, 193 negatives
Watersun ski gear, February, 214 negatives
Leisal furs, January, 203 negatives
Australian Wool Board, December, 227 negatives
Australian Wool Board (men's wool awards), November, 219 negatives
Coates Paton, children's wear, February, 144 negatives
Dominex, December, 270 negatives
Coates Paton, January, 154 negatives
Coates Paton knitting book, October, 116 negatives
Kayser, October, 24 negatives
Lisal of Melbourne, November, 22 negatives
Fitwear, September, 31 negatives
Lucas dresses, May, 70 negatives
Marching girls and go-go girl, March, 58 negatives
Miss World swimsuit, October, 36 negatives
Jeans, September, 24 negatives
J. Brown knitwear, December, 158 negatives
(No title), December, 29 negatives
Ansett Airlines, December, 24 negatives
Fitwear, September, 24 negatives
Coates Patons, September, 114 negatives
'First' can, December, 20 negatives
Lucas and Watersun dresses, September, 164 negatives
Georges, September, 45 negatives
Fashion, October, 124 negatives
Kayser lingerie, October, 118 negatives
(B. Thompson), October, 118 negatives
Shots of Henry and Ian Blaine, November, 24 negatives
Frieze suits, November, 58 negatives
Coates Paton, December, 36 negatives
Invicta blankets, October, 21 negatives
Bathers, October, 81 negatives
Wrangler jeans, October, 72 negatives
Farm still life, December, 24 negatives
Coates Paton, December, 124 negatives
Lucas dresses, March, 48 negatives
Elanor and Watersun, August, 170 negatives
Kayser and Watesun, June, 106 negatives

Ansett, March, 46 negatives
Stafford Ellinson suits, March, 104 negatives
Twenty-five year club, March, 4 negatives
Fibremaker lingerie, March, 102 negatives
Coates Paton, New Idea, May, 12 negatives
Lisal furs, February, 96 negatives
Brownbuilt, February, 20 negatives
Lisal furs, July, 36 negatives
Boy and emus, July, 82 negatives
National Gallery of Victoria, June, 24 negatives
Cyclax 'Neo Juves', February, 12 negatives
Lisal of Melbourne, furs, July, 259 negatives
Watersun, August, 229 negatives
Porratt knitwear, January, 238 negatives
Porratt knitwear, January, 36 negatives
Shell chem. Plastics, 2 (5" x 4") negatives
Associated World PR, 3 (5" x 4") negatives

Image Australia, July, 254 negatives
Australian Wool Board, December, 278 negatives

Date unknown
Secret pantyhose, 32 negatives
Chum, 23 negatives
Emma dress, 35 negatives
D. G. N. R. jackets, 202 negatives
Australian Wool Board, 165 negatives
Australian Wool Board, December, 260 negatives
Glo-weave, 32 negatives
Test shots for Lucas, 48 negatives
Image Australia, 60 negatives
Seymour furs, 160 negatives
Holden and Franklin caravans, 23 negatives
Fibremakes lingerie, 163 negatives
Australian Wool Board, 35 negatives
Orlon, 234 negatives
Gross mills, 60 negatives
Lingerie, 24 negatives
Gown of the year award, leisure wear, 72 negatives
Australian Wool Board, fashions in New Guinea, 20 negatives
Gold cross shoes, 24 negatives
Rue de la Paix, 70 negatives
Figures from stocking box, 188 negatives
Prestige lingerie, 59 negatives
Glo-weave, Digby Wolfe at factory, 24 negatives
Rolls Royce and barbeque, 92 negatives
Australian Wool Board, three evening gowns, gold medal awards, 124 negatives
Fibremakers: 'Capers', 'Rue de la Paix', 'Oriental Hotel', 'Computer Fibremakers building', 'Shopping outside Georges', 114 negatives
Veroniko Rossmanith and others, 20 negatives
Wool gold medal awards, 262 negatives
Australian Wool Board, Tasmania, 460 negatives
Ned Kelly scene, 26 negatives
Gala gowns, 96 negatives
Miss Glo-weave shirts, 170 negatives
Fabrics, Colleen Fitzpatrick, 20 negatives
Club scene, 60 negatives
Sportscraft, 77 negatives
Australian Wool Board, Vogue, 140 negatives
Wool Board, sleeping scene, 47 negatives
Hiller sports coat, 56 negatives
Handfields Homewood, 64 negatives
Glo-weave, 2 negatives
Prestige, 153 negatives
Wool Board, 75 negatives
Australian Wool Board, Marc Bohan suit, 106 negatives
Sharene creations, 34 negatives
Du Pont, 198 negatives
Lucas, two garments in studio, 34 negatives
Copy negs of Shrimpton, 2 (5" x 4") negatives
Maggie Tabberer on beach, 1 (5" x 4") negative
Fibremakers, 2 (5" x 4") negatives
Lincoln Mills, 1, (5" x 4") negative
Du Pont, 1 (5" x 4") negative
Creative Public Relations, 17 (5" x 4") negative
New Idea, 8 (5" x 4") negatives
Prestige stand at exhibition, 16 (5" x 4") negatives
Fibremakers, 11 (5" x 4") negatives
Lincoln Mills, 26 (5" x 4") negatives
Hilton, 13 (5" x 4") negatives

Colour transparencies
No title (women in laboratory), 3 4.2 x 5.6 cm
Sportscraft, Woman's Weekly, 28 6.0 x 6.0 cm
Crown crystal, 9 6.0 x 6.0 cm
Crown crystal, 22 5" x 4"

Other photographers represented in the Henry Talbot Fashion Photography Archive
Beaver Photographs
Adrian Boddington
Broothorn Studios
Brian Chirlian
Adrian Crothers
D. Darion Smith
Gordon De Lisle
Terence Foster
David Franklin
Janice Wakely Studio
John Gallagher
Les Garrie
Joseph Grove
Noel Hickey
Laurence Le Guay
Ritter Jeppesen
David Mist
Laurie Richards
Brian Savron
Athol Shmith
Rudolf Shmutz
Mark Strizic
Suttcliff Pty. Ltd.
Greg Weight
Desmond Williams

  • Note
  • 1. John and Esta Handfield ran a public relations firm in Melbourne from the 1950s until the 1970s, and many of their clients during this time were the textile and garment manufacturers based in the city.