The ‘invisible’ stentrode

BY David Grayden

THEME LEADER Peter Vee Sin Lee

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Prof Grayden’s main research interests are in understanding how the brain processes information and how to record information from the brain. He is conducting research in epileptic seizure prediction and electrical stimulation to prevent or stop epileptic seizures. For Triennial:Voices, Prof Grayden shares a video published by New Scientist of the Brain Stentrode – a device the size of a matchstick, implanted next to the brain’s motor cortex which could one day help paralysed people move their limbs.

  • Podcast: Timothy Moore interviews David Grayden
Professor David Grayden is Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering and Leader of the Bionics Laboratory in the Centre for Neural Engineering, The University of Melbourne.
Timothy Moore is director of architecture practice Sibling.


This video was first hosted on NewScientist.com

This article appeared in print under the headline “Brain control via blood vessel stent