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Maria Anna of Neuburg

Luca Giordano
Italian 1634–1705, worked in Spain 1692–1702
Maria Anna of Neuburg, Queen of Spain, riding c.1693–94
oil on canvas
81.2 x 61.4 cm
Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid (P00198)

Lived: 28 October 1667 – 16 July 1740

Second wife of Charles II.

Maria Anna was chosen out of all possible marriage candidates because of the fertility of her forebears (she was one of seventeen children) and her sister was married to Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, thereby strengthening ties between the Spanish and Austrian Habsburgs. Maria Anna was hated by her Spanish subjects, possibly because of her overbearing and bullying nature towards the king. It is rumoured that she stole valuable paintings and had them sent to her relatives in Germany. No doubt because of the king’s physical afflictions, the royal couple remained childless. After the king’s death in 1700, Maria Anna was forced to leave Madrid.