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Kids Video Guide

Daily, 10am–5pm
Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court covers 300 years of change and high drama. While feasting your eyes on some of Europe’s greatest art, hear stories and fun art facts of a time of rising and declining empires and kings strong and weak.

Cost $5, Exhibition admission fees apply
Collect Ticketing Desk, Ground Level

Labels For Kids

Daily, 10am–5pm
Interesting facts and stories lead children through Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal court, Museo del Prado.
Cost Free, Exhibition admission fees apply

Master the Arts! A Kids’ Activity Book about Italian Masterpieces

Master the Arts! focuses on eight Italian masterpieces from the Prado’s collection. Filled with stories about the artists and people of the time, children will discover facts about art while having fun drawing pictures of angels, gladiators and action scenes inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. The children’s drawings and creative work will turn this book into a masterpiece of its very own. For children aged 6 years and up.

116 pages / Paperback $14.95
Available from the NGV Shop and all good bookstores.
Supported by the Truby and Florence Williams Charitable Trust