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Revolutionary Campaigns

Perhaps in much the same way as has the recent ‘Arab Spring’ throughout the Arab World, the French Revolution had a profound effect on the whole of Europe... Read more

Napoleon in Egypt

In ordering an expedition to Egypt and creating an Army of the Orient in April 1798, under the command of the young General Bonaparte... Read more

The Italian Campaigns

During Napoleon’s first Italian campaign of the Revolutionary Wars, his Armée d’Italie besieged besieged Mantua, the centre of Austrian power in Italy... Read more

Who's Who?

Family Connections and Other Significant Figures... Read more

Did You Know?

Interesting facts... Read more


The Napoleonic era saw phenomenal change in Europe and spanned the emergence of Australia as a colony of Britain. ... Read more

Facts & Figures

Napoleon’s preference was to appoint members of his extensive family to govern in his stead in diverse quarters of the Empire. You can learn more here about the extended Bonaparte family, as well as discovering a variety of facts about Napoleon’s life and personality. Napoleon’s military campaigns are also summarised briefly.