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Who was Napoleon?

Napoleone Buonaparte was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, on 15 August 1769. He was the fourth of eight children born to Carlo Buonaparte... Read more

Who was Josephine?

Marie-Josèphe Rose de Tascher de la Pagerie was born on 23 June 1763 on the island of Martinique... Read more

Malmaison: Josephine's Garden

In 1799, while Napoleon was away on campaign in Egypt, Josephine purchased the estate of Malmaison... Read more

Napoleon & Josephine

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was something of an outsider in France, having been born into a noble family of Italian ancestry on the French-ruled island of Corsica. Trained within the ranks of the French Royal and subsequently French Revolutionary Army, Napoleon rose to power on the back of civil unrest that broke out in Paris following the Reign of Terror (1793-94). His future wife Josephine (1763-1814), whom he married in 1796, was also an outsider, being of Creole background, a member of a French plantation dynasty based in Martinique. Josephine’s first husband, a member of the aristocracy, was guillotined during the French Revolution, leaving her a single mother with two small children to support. Her meeting with the young military officer Bonaparte brought her security, she in turn offered her new husband an elegant and refined social life.