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NGV Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine featuring writing from NGV and around the world that considers the many ways and reasons that we create, design, speculate and investigate. Learn how artists and designers make things, sink deep into the lives, challenges and achievements of creative people throughout history, and consider the world anew through the many ideas and perspectives explored through art and design. NGV Magazine print and digital editions are free for NGV Members.

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An edited collection of favourites drawn from past NGV Magazine features.

Magazine Archive

Issue 27 Mar–Apr 2021

Identity, community, the precariousness of life and the ties that connect us to place are all themes in this issue of NGV Magazine, as we continue to profile the NGV Triennial…

Issue 26 Jan–Feb 2021

NGV Magazine welcomes in the new year with NGV Triennial 2020, which shares the most ambitious and creative contemporary art, design and architecture and offers a glimpse into the world…

Issue 25 Nov–Dec 2020

In the final issue of NGV Magazine for 2020 we close the year by celebrating the diversity and complexity of Australian art and design from recent additions to the Collection…

Issue 24 Sep-Oct 2020

Art has the unique ability to transport us to different worlds, cultures and experiences, all without needing to take even one step.

Issue 23 Jul-Aug 2020

In this issue of NGV Magazine we explore the role art, design and museums can play in transformation and learning, and celebrate seventy years of the NGV Learning Department.

Issue 22 May-Jun 2020

In this special NGV Collection issue of NGV Magazine we celebrate the many ways that art, design and creativity can offer solace and inspiration.

Issue 21 Mar-Apr 2020

How can design shape life? And how can the ways in which we tell stories of history and experience change our perspectives and perceptions? This issue of NGV Magazine looks…

Issue 20 Jan-Feb 2020

From pulsating New York City in the 1980s to ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ in 1888 and modernist Japan in the 1920s – this issue of NGV Magazine revives some of the most…

Issue 19 Nov-Dec 2019

Collaboration, friendship, love, loss and connection – these motifs permeate this issue of NGV Magazine, reflecting some of the ways in which personal journeys can shape the work of some…

Issue 18 Sep-Oct 2019

This issue of NGV Magazine considers what it takes to leave a lasting impression and how we create histories and why, and explores joy and humanity – from bravery and…

Issue 17 Jul-Aug 2019

What will the art and design of the future look like, and in what areas of our lives will it intersect or affect? This issue of NGV Magazine takes us…

Issue 16 May-Jun 2019

With the introduction of two new series, Deep Read and The Secret Life of Art, this issue of NGV Magazine unravels the secret lives and mysteries of works in the…