1962 Gold Coast, Queensland

 (174 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Biased view Biased view (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, blue ballpoint pen, felt-tipped pen 2009.274
Fragment Fragment (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.321
Axe murder Axe murder (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD pencil 2009.217
Dead Board Dead Board 1996 Scott REDFORD video transferred to DVD 2004.626
Journeys to glory Journeys to glory (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD mauve and brown pencil 2009.216
Feminine public Feminine public (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil 2009.351
Another man's blood Another man's blood (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.256
The human condition The human condition (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured fibre-tipped pens, blue ballpoint pen, collage 2009.293
Boy Boy (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, coloured fibre-tipped pens, staples, collage 2009.285
Black roses Black roses (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil, staples, on 2 sheets 2009.319
One night stand One night stand (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue and orange pencil 2009.248
Before Hollywood, wall of voodoo Before Hollywood, wall of voodoo (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.226
Fantastic voyage Fantastic voyage (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD green pencil 2009.352
decoration decoration (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.233
My Struggle My Struggle (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.224
The retreat from Moscow The retreat from Moscow (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue and mauve pencil 2009.228
Growth Growth (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil 2009.222
Sunbather Sunbather (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.317
Before Hollywood Before Hollywood (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD mauve pencil 2009.262
Search for a symbol Search for a symbol (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.305