1962 Gold Coast, Queensland

 (174 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, pink fibre-tipped pen, blue ballpoint pen 2009.207
The mysterious baths The mysterious baths (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.232
The gestural 50s The gestural 50s (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD green pencil 2009.259
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD brown pencil 2009.269
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.320
Straight to hell Straight to hell (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD pencil, collage 2009.332
Neo. X Neo. X (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencil 2009.300
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.360
Broadbeach Hotel Broadbeach Hotel (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue and black pencils 2009.316
Boy Boy (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, red and blue ballpoint pens, coloured fibre-tipped pens 2009.306
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD pencil 2009.308
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.209
Mission impossible Mission impossible (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD red pencil 2009.218
Two pictures Two pictures (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.243
Surfing life (Glen) Surfing life (Glen) 1994 Scott REDFORD synthetic polymer and enamel paint on polystyrene, canvas and found objects on plywood DC1-2000
Head from a colossus Head from a colossus (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD green pencil 2009.204
Titles 19-6-84 Titles 19-6-84 (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD green pencil 2009.234
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil 2009.275
The dignity of labour The dignity of labour (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.342
In my mother In my mother (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, fibre-tipped pen, blue ballpoint pen, collage 2009.345