1962 Gold Coast, Queensland

 (174 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Dead Board 3 Dead Board 3 2003 Scott REDFORD video transferred to DVD 2004.628
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD pencil, fibre-tipped pen, collage 2009.339
Obvious wealth Obvious wealth (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pastels, pencil 2009.336
Painting in landscape Painting in landscape (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.325
Impliment Impliment (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD pink and green pencil 2009.298
Love in a box Love in a box (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD mauve pencil 2009.355
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.251
Great hits Great hits (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD pencil, collage 2009.314
Shadow Shadow (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.266
E.T. loves me E.T. loves me (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, blue ballpoint pen 2009.265
Jenny Watson, a headful of dreams Jenny Watson, a headful of dreams (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, blue fibre-tipped pen, blue ballpoint pen 2009.223
Cry me a river Cry me a river (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, staples, on 3 sheets 2009.287
Gold Gold (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD red pencil 2009.295
The end The end (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD red pencil 2009.221
PHOTO: Jason for Etienne PHOTO: Jason for Etienne (1995) Scott REDFORD type C photograph on composition board, vinyl and decals 2009.363
Garment Garment (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil, staples on 2 sheets 2009.282
Fire Fire (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange and blue pencil 2009.239
Monument design Monument design (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD red pencil 2009.286
St Veronica St Veronica (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.272
Skyscraper design Skyscraper design (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD brown pencil 2009.289