1962 Gold Coast, Queensland

 (174 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Signature tune Signature tune (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD black and mauve pencil 2009.330
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured fibre-tipped pens, watercolour, blue ballpoint pen 2009.281
Evidence Evidence (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange and yellow pencil 2009.344
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.284
Sand on his face (Dean) Sand on his face (Dean) (1995-2004) Scott REDFORD type C photograph on composition board 2009.362
Who needs sex Who needs sex (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.361
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD colour pencils, colour fibre-tipped pens, blue ballpoint pen, white correction fluid 2009.338
Pediment Pediment (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil 2009.279
Obscured by clouds Obscured by clouds (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil 2009.359
Insignificance Insignificance (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD red pencil 2009.206
Dinosaur's death Dinosaur's death (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD green pencil 2009.331
A kiss in the dreamhouse A kiss in the dreamhouse (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils 2009.313
Marilyn ever Marilyn ever (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, collage, blue ballpoint pen 2009.240
Wall of Voodoo Wall of Voodoo (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, pink fibre-tipped pen 2009.210
The retreat from Moscow The retreat from Moscow (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD red and green pencil 2009.277
Chia Sandro Chia Sandro (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.246
Feminine public Feminine public (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD blue pencil 2009.225
Untitled Untitled (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD ballpoint pen, (ink/watercolour) 2009.241
Fall from grace Fall from grace (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD orange pencil 2009.212
Fire in the sun Fire in the sun (1982-1985) Scott REDFORD coloured pencils, blue ballpoint pen, fibre-tipped pen 2009.303