29 December 1939 Geelong, Victoria
29 September 1993 Sydney, New South Wales

 (7 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Three Mirror/Structures Three Mirror/Structures 1969 Ian BURN artist's book: 128 leaves, Xerox P168-1993
Yellow premiss Yellow premiss (1965) Ian BURN synthetic polymer paint on canvas A22.1-6-1976
Four glass/Mirror piece Four glass/Mirror piece 1968 Ian BURN (a) mirror, glass, wood (b) book: photocopies, 22 pages, cardboard and cloth cover, metal binding 2001.559.a-b
Mirror piece Mirror piece 1967 Ian BURN mirror, wood, photocopies on cardboard A20.a-o-1972
Collected works Collected works 1964-1971 Ian BURN; Mel RAMSDEN Xerox book 2008.270
The Grammarian The Grammarian 1970 Ian BURN; Mel RAMSDEN artist’s book: photocopies, 9 leaves, paper cover, strip binding 2009.494
Mirror piece Mirror piece 1967 Ian BURN artist’s book: photocopies [13] leaves, cardboard cover, stapled binding 2009.492