(387 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Table Table (c. 1670) {style} ENGLAND oak 4244-D3
Goblet Goblet (c. 1750) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (air-twist stem) D91-1973
Bearded man in armour Bearded man in armour (early 17th century) ENGLAND marble 569B-D4
Hampstead Heath Hampstead Heath (c. 1823) ENGLAND; John CONSTABLE (manner of) oil on canvas 549-4
Stockings Stockings 1610 ENGLAND silk, silver gilt, cotton CT92.a-b-1989
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1750) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (air-twist stem) D83-1973
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1725-1760) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass 1827-D5
Night table Night table (c. 1780); (19th century) {reworked} ENGLAND mahogany, holly, black stained wood 1596-D3
Pembroke table Pembroke table (1790s) ENGLAND casuarina, pine, oak, mahogany, ebony, brass, steel D28.a-b-1988
Armchair Armchair (early 18th century) {style; reworked} ENGLAND walnut, (tapestry), (other materials) 1594-D3
Hall stand Hall stand (1877) ENGLAND iron D185-1971
Bag Bag (c. 1750-1775) ENGLAND silk (knitted) CT93-1989
St John the Baptist St John the Baptist (15th century) ENGLAND alabaster paint 1301-3
Decanter Decanter (c. 1760) ENGLAND glass D77.a-b-1975
Ale glass Ale glass (c. 1690) ENGLAND glass D162-1973
Chair Chair (late 17th century) {heavily restored} ENGLAND walnut, cane 1590-D3
Dress Dress (c. 1840) ENGLAND wool, silk D65.a-b-1977
Teapot Teapot (c. 1805-1810) ENGLAND stoneware (black basalt ware) 2006.260.a-b
Serving bottle Serving bottle (c. 1677) ENGLAND glass (nipt diamond waies, applied decoration) D123-1977
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1750) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (wheel-engraved) 132-D5