(387 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Evening bodice Evening bodice (c. 1867) ENGLAND silk, plastic (beads) D153.2-1974
Day dress Day dress (c. 1909) ENGLAND cotton muslin, lace, embroidery, metal, shell, baleen D210-1974
Frame with tile Frame with tile ENGLAND 4656.17-D3
Mittens Mittens (c. 1905) ENGLAND silk D47.a-b-1976
Bonnet Bonnet 19th century ENGLAND straw, silk, artificial flowers 724-D4
Bureau book case Bureau book case c. 1750 ENGLAND mahogany 1727-D3
Bonnet Bonnet 19th century ENGLAND silk, cotton, metal 719.a-d-D4
Frame with tile Frame with tile ENGLAND 4656.70-D3
Frame with tile Frame with tile ENGLAND 4656.22-D3
Hat Hat 1897-1899 ENGLAND straw, silk, paper, artificial flowers, metal wire D78-1979
Covered ceremonial goblet Covered ceremonial goblet (c. 1745) ENGLAND glass (wheel-engraved) D31.a-b-1973
Imperial State Crown Imperial State Crown (c. 1936) ENGLAND (manufacturer) brass, copper, steel, velvet, synthetic fur, paste, metallic cord, (stuffing) 3787B.b-D3
Apron Apron (c. 1875) ENGLAND silk, cotton D11-1976
Bonnet Bonnet (c. 1870) ENGLAND silk, ostrich, cotton flowers, paper buds D276-1974
Belt Belt (c. 1867) ENGLAND silk, plastic (beads) D153.4-1974
Banner screen holder Banner screen holder (c. 1880) ENGLAND (manufacturer) gilt-brass (ormolu) 1486-D4
Cape Cape (c. 1892) ENGLAND silk, plastic, metal (hooks and eyes) D178-1974
Hat Hat (c. 1868) ENGLAND straw, silk, wool D154 B-1974
Jelly glass Jelly glass (c. 1750) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (honeycomb-moulded) 878-D4
Side table Side table ENGLAND mahogany venner, brass 1742-D3