(319 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1725-c. 1760) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass 1822-D5
Serving bottle Serving bottle (c. 1677) ENGLAND glass (nipt diamond waies, applied decoration) D123-1977
Bowl Bowl (c. 1675) ENGLAND glass D43-1972
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1725-1760) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass 1827-D5
China cabinet China cabinet (18th century) {part; reworked} ENGLAND (manufacturer) walnut, laburnum, brass 1583-D3
Armchair Armchair (c. 1665) {and later; heavily restored} ENGLAND walnut, caning 1584B-D3
Night table Night table (c. 1780); (19th century) {reworked} ENGLAND mahogany, holly, black stained wood 1596-D3
Chest of drawers Chest of drawers (17th century-19th century) ENGLAND oak, elm, birch, applewood, pearwood, brass 1574-D3
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1745) ENGLAND glass (wheel-engraved) D100-1973
Sir John and Lady de Hardreshull, panel Sir John and Lady de Hardreshull, panel (14th century) ENGLAND stained glass, lead 2418-D3
Wedding dress Wedding dress (c. 1820) ENGLAND silk, cotton (lining), metal (hooks and eyes) CT19-1981
Pembroke table Pembroke table (1790s) ENGLAND casuarina, pine, oak, mahogany, ebony, brass, steel D28.a-b-1988
Chest of drawers Chest of drawers (early 18th century) ENGLAND walnut, brass 1573-D3
Dress Dress (c. 1840) ENGLAND wool, silk D65.a-b-1977
Table Table (c. 1670) {style} ENGLAND oak 4244-D3
Dress Dress (c. 1836) ENGLAND cotton, metal D77-1977
Covered jar Covered jar (c. 1755) ENGLAND glass (enamel) D4.a-b-1982
St John the Baptist St John the Baptist (15th century) ENGLAND alabaster paint 1301-3
St Edward’s Crown St Edward’s Crown (c. 1936) ENGLAND (manufacturer) brass, copper, steel, velvet, synthetic fur, paste, metallic cord, (stuffing) 3787B.a-D3
Chair Chair (late 17th century) {heavily restored} ENGLAND walnut, cane 1590-D3