(315 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Sceptre with the Dove Sceptre with the Dove (c. 1936) ENGLAND (manufacturer) brass, copper, steel, velvet, synthetic fur, paste, metallic cord, (stuffing) 3787B.p-D3
Reticule Reticule (1835-1865) ENGLAND wool, silk CT72-1981
Boater Boater (c. 1870) ENGLAND straw, silk D278-1974
Evening bodice Evening bodice (c. 1867) ENGLAND silk, plastic (beads) D153.2-1974
Bonnet Bonnet (c. 1880) ENGLAND silk, gelatine (sequins), straw, metal wire, diamante brooch 1355 B-D5
Dress Dress (1870) {altered after 1899} ENGLAND silk, cotton, viscose 1071.a-b-D4
Bureau book case Bureau book case c. 1750 ENGLAND mahogany 1727-D3
Armchair Armchair (c. 1810) ENGLAND painted wood, gilt, cane, (other materials) 1312B-D4
WIG (FANCY DRESS) WIG (FANCY DRESS) c. 1855 ENGLAND 'French Revolutionary' (Label:Charles E.Wigzell) D175 D-1974
Evening coat Evening coat 1916-1918 ENGLAND silk, cotton and silk cord D485-1974
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1750) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (wheel-engraved) 1703-D5
Magnum decanter Magnum decanter (c. 1765) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (engraved) D121.a-b-1975
Tumbler Tumbler (late 16th century) ENGLAND glass D154-1973
Daydress and mantle Daydress and mantle (c. 1850) ENGLAND silk D70.a-c-1977
Goblet Goblet (c. 1715) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass 1737-D5
Robe Robe (1770s-1780s) FRANCE; ENGLAND (reworked by) silk D46-1970
Goblet Goblet (c. 1725) ENGLAND glass, silver (James II 1687 Maundy threepence) 1004-D4
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1750) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass (wheel-engraved) D64-1973
Wine glass Wine glass (c. 1682) ENGLAND (manufacturer) glass D156-1973
Box Box (18th century) ENGLAND (manufacturer) agate, gilt-metal 1655-D3