03 March 1814 Morges, Vaud, Switzerland
30 May 1888 Melbourne, Victoria

 (65 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Picnic at Dromana Picnic at Dromana 1867 Louis BUVELOT watercolour and pencil A4-1980
September morning, Richmond September morning, Richmond 1866 Louis BUVELOT oil on canvas on composition board 143-4
Swiss castle Swiss castle (c. 1830-1964) Louis BUVELOT watercolour 3235-4
(Bush track, Dromana) (Bush track, Dromana) 1875 Louis BUVELOT oil on canvas 2004.157
Waterpool at Coleraine Waterpool at Coleraine 1871 Louis BUVELOT oil on canvas 3231-4
Fernshaw (Bush scene with horse and rider) Fernshaw (Bush scene with horse and rider) 1873 Louis BUVELOT pencil on 2 joined sheets 1218-5
The watering place The watering place 1873 Louis BUVELOT oil on canvas A6-1980
Landscape Landscape 1876 Louis BUVELOT watercolour 1399-5
River scene River scene (1860s-1880s) Louis BUVELOT watercolour 3233-4
Waterpool near Coleraine (sunset) Waterpool near Coleraine (sunset) 1869 Louis BUVELOT oil on canvas p.302.11-1
Home and gums Home and gums 1868 Louis BUVELOT watercolour A5-1980
Broadford Broadford 1877 Louis BUVELOT pencil 1882-4
Waterfall, Mt Macedon Waterfall, Mt Macedon 1872 Louis BUVELOT watercolour 3232-4
Pool under gums Pool under gums (c. 1868) Louis BUVELOT watercolour 694-2
The Yarra The Yarra 1867 Louis BUVELOT pencil P97-1970
The waterfall The waterfall 1868 Louis BUVELOT black chalk and wash 4313-3
Flemington Flemington (1860s-1880s) Louis BUVELOT pencil P111-1976
Cottage Cottage (1860s-1880s) Louis BUVELOT brush and brown ink and wash 3234-4
Landscape Landscape 1868 Louis BUVELOT watercolour 380A-4
Mount Fyans Mount Fyans (c. 1868) Louis BUVELOT pencil P110-1976