(755 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Dress Dress (c. 1870) (ENGLAND) silk 742-D4
Cape Cape 1895-1900 (ENGLAND) silk, beads D156-1969
Jacket Jacket 1880 (ENGLAND) silk 1065-D4
Collar Collar (c. 1900) (ENGLAND) silk, taffeta, glass and metallic beads D476-1974
Textile length Textile length (mid 19th century) (ENGLAND) wool D166-1971
Bodice Bodice (1870s) (ENGLAND) silk 520B-D5
Lace sample Lace sample (ENGLAND) (lace) 507 F-D2
Parasol Parasol (1840-1865) (ENGLAND) silk, wood D47 A-1974
Border Border (late 19th century-early 20th century) (ENGLAND) linen 1256-D5
Gown Gown (c. 1878) (ENGLAND) linen 1058-D4
Parasol Parasol (mid 19th century) (ENGLAND) silk, wood, metal 769-D5
Jacket and skirt Jacket and skirt (c. 1913) (ENGLAND) wool, silk, cotton (lace), metal (fastenings) D224.a-b-1974
Valance Valance 19th century (ENGLAND); Murray MARKS Specimen of needlework, made for the Verdon Gallery, Public Library, Melbourne 992-D2
Cuff Cuff (late 19th century) (ENGLAND) cotton (machine lace) (embroidered net) 1263-D5
Bag Bag early 19th century (ENGLAND) wool, cotton 969-D2
Child's dress Child's dress (c. 1850) (ENGLAND) cotton D56-1978
Boudoir cap Boudoir cap (c. 1927) (ENGLAND) silk, cotton lace CT3-1989
Cap Cap 18th century (ENGLAND) muslin 1149-D5
Waistcoat Waistcoat (c. 1900) (ENGLAND) wool, silk, cotton, metal D432-1974
Waistcoat Waistcoat (c. 1843) (ENGLAND) silk, velvet CT20-1981