(54 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Bowl Bowl 1st century BC KOREAN earthenware, pigment 3509-D3
Tea bowl Tea bowl (13th century-14th century) KOREAN stoneware AS41-1979
Covered cup Covered cup Silla Kingdom KOREAN earthenware AS99.a-b-1976
Bowl Bowl 4th century AD KOREAN bronze 3493-D3
Lamp Lamp 1st century AD KOREAN bronze 3494-D3
Bowl Bowl 4th century AD-5th century AD KOREAN bronze 2762-D3
Incense burner Incense burner (15th century-16th century) KOREAN bronze 3497.a-b-D3
Bridal ornament Bridal ornament Josean Dynasty 1392 - 1910 KOREAN jade, gilt, silk, pearl, paper, metal 3511-D3
Jar Jar 57 BC-686 AD KOREAN earthenware AS2-1978
Pair of clogs Pair of clogs (early 20th century) KOREAN pigments on wood AS124.a-b-1976
DRESS DRESS 19th century KOREAN Dress in white.Yi Dynasty AS122.A-1976
Jar Jar 1st century BC KOREAN earthenware 3508-D3
Tea bowl Tea bowl (15th century) KOREAN stoneware 2003.271
JACKET JACKET 19th century KOREAN Jacket in green with fine flower design.Yi Dynasty AS123.B-1976