(54 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
DAGGER DAGGER KOREAN Handle with thick blade. Neolithic, unearthed 1927, broken into 3 parts 3502-D3
Bowl Bowl (18th century) KOREAN stoneware AS1-1978
Covered jar Covered jar (18th century) KOREAN stoneware AS6.a-b-1977
Tile-end Tile-end 1st century BC KOREAN stoneware 3507A-D3
Dish Dish (19th century) KOREAN earthenware 2761-D3
Table / desk Table / desk (early 20th century) KOREAN lacquer on wood, mother-of-pearl, metal 3248-D3
Mirror Mirror (12th century) KOREAN (bronze) 3498-D3
CUPBOARD CUPBOARD 19th century KOREAN Black lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlay, flowers, rocks, fish, figures.Yi Dynasty AS120-1976
Mirror Mirror Goguryeo Kingdom 37 BC-668 AD KOREAN bronze 3499-D3
Jar Jar (11th century) KOREAN stoneware 3488-D3
CUTLERY - KITCHEN CUTLERY - KITCHEN 19th century KOREAN Kitchen cutlery, chopsticks sets, cosmetic accessories, bronze spoon, bronze bowl set. Yi dynasty AS125-1976
Cabinet Cabinet (19th century) KOREAN lacquer on wood, mother-of-pearl, brass, paper AS34.a-d-1975
Tea bowl Tea bowl (12th century) KOREAN stoneware 2003.273
Bowl Bowl (19th century) KOREAN (stoneware) 2335-D3
JACKET JACKET 19th century KOREAN Jacket in pink, with fine flower design.Yi Dynasty AS123.A-1976
Spoon Spoon KOREAN bronze 3544-D3
Bowl Bowl 1st century BC KOREAN earthenware, pigment 3509-D3
Mirror Mirror Joseon dynastry 1392-1910 KOREAN bronze 1996.568
Bowl Bowl Koryo dynasty 918 AD-1392 KOREAN stoneware 2333-D3
Pair of spoons Pair of spoons KOREAN bronze 2763.a-b-D3