(12 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Portrait of a young man Portrait of a young man (c. 1650) SPAIN oil on canvas E3-1976
Virgin enthroned with the infant Christ Virgin enthroned with the infant Christ (early 16th century) SPAIN limestone 1338-D4
Portrait of a lady Portrait of a lady (late 18th century) SPAIN; Francisco GOYA y Lucientes (manner of) oil on canvas 1963-3
Needlework Panel Needlework Panel late 16th century SPAIN silk and metallic thread, linen and silk ground 1003-D2
St Sebastian, plaquette St Sebastian, plaquette (1575-1625) SPAIN gilt-bronze 4145-D3
Curtain Curtain 18th century SPAIN linen, silk thread 2-D5
Band (Needlework) Band (Needlework) 17th century SPAIN silk, metal, linen 951-D2
Shoes Shoes (c. 1970) SPAIN leather CT62.a-b-1984
Christ bound, plaquette Christ bound, plaquette (17th century) SPAIN bronze 4133-D3
St Francis, plaquette St Francis, plaquette (c. 1600) SPAIN gilt-bronze 4146-D3
St Peter, plaquette St Peter, plaquette (c. 1600) SPAIN gilt-bronze 4148-D3
St Dominic, plaquette St Dominic, plaquette (1575-1625) SPAIN gilt-bronze 4144-D3