(286 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Panel Panel 17th century (ITALY) metallic thread 1159-D5
Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri (19th century) (ITALY) bronze 915.a-b-D1M
Fragment Fragment 17th century (ITALY) linen 1192-D5
Border Border 17th century (ITALY) linen 891 B-D5
Cap crown Cap crown (c. 1640) (ITALY) linen 884-D5
Border strip Border strip 16th century (ITALY) red net darned with cotton and silk in cream and gold (No 17) 333-D2
Panel Panel 17th century (ITALY) silk, metallic thread 1024-D2
Border Border early 17th century (ITALY) linen 952-D5
Border Border late 15th century (ITALY) linen 804 A-D5
Strip in border design Strip in border design 16th century (ITALY) floss-silks 335-D2
End of towel or table cloth End of towel or table cloth early 17th century (ITALY) linen 958-D5
Panel Panel (16th century) (ITALY) silk (velvet) 1327-D4
Bed cover Bed cover 17th century (ITALY) silk, linen 1119-D5
Shirt Shirt 16th century (ITALY) linen (embroidered lace) (reticella) 1128-D5
Drawn work 'Punto Tirato' Drawn work 'Punto Tirato' 16th century (ITALY) "Punto Tirato", on card (specimen 1) 508-D2
Border Border 17th century (ITALY) silk 1181-D5
Milanese point 'Punto di Milano' Milanese point 'Punto di Milano' 18th century (ITALY) (bobbin lace) 526-D2
Border Border early 16th century (ITALY) linen 802C-D5
Border Border (c. 1550) (ITALY) linen 1198-D5
Card of buttons Card of buttons 1950-1965 (ITALY) plastic, silk D155-1978