(283 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Stomacher Stomacher 17th century (ITALY) linen 887-D5
Horse Horse (late 16th century) (ITALY) bronze 4026-D3
Dalmatic Dalmatic (late 18th century) (ITALY) silk, silver thread, silver (bobbin lace), linen (lining) 1791.2-D4
Chalice cover Chalice cover (17th century) (ITALY) linen (needle lace) (punto in aria) (embroidered lace) (reticella) 853-D5
Panel Panel 18th century (ITALY) linen 955-D5
Cover Cover (early 17th century) (ITALY) linen (embroidered lace) (cutwork and reticella) 2991-D3
Fald stool cover Fald stool cover (c. 1640) (ITALY) silk, metallic thread 1645-D4
Border Border mid 17th century (ITALY) linen 1201-D5
Border Border late 18th century (ITALY) silk, metallic thread 993-D2
Border Border 16th century (ITALY) linen 818-D5
Bull Bull (17th century) (ITALY); GIAMBOLOGNA (after) bronze 3991-D3
Border Border 16th century (ITALY) linen 966 B-D5
Embroidered stip Embroidered stip 17th century (ITALY) linen 2984-D3
Landscape with piping shepherd and a flight to Egypt Landscape with piping shepherd and a flight to Egypt (early 18th century) (ITALY); CLAUDE LORRAIN (after) oil on canvas 1719-4
Border Border (16th century) (ITALY) linen (needle lace) 857-D5
Collar Collar 1848 (ITALY) linen 933-D5
Border Border late 16th century-early 17th century (ITALY) linen 961-D5
Table cover Table cover 16th century (ITALY) linen (lace) 814-D5
Border Border 17th century (ITALY) linen 965-D5
Border of pillow lace Border of pillow lace 17th century (ITALY) (No 15) 331-D2