(283 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Head of Dionysus Head of Dionysus 1st century BC-2nd century AD (ITALY) bronze 4040-D3
Cut work 'Punto Tagliato' Cut work 'Punto Tagliato' 16th century (ITALY) "Punto Tagliato", on card (specimen 5) 512-D2
Border Border 17th century (ITALY) linen 1205-D5
Border strip Border strip 17th century (ITALY) floss silks on net (No 7) 323-D2
Flounce Flounce late 16th century-early 17th century (ITALY) linen 940-D5
Border strip Border strip 17th century (ITALY) dark red netting, satin stitch and darning in cream linen, yellow edge stitch (No 14) 330-D2
Fragment of Brocatelle Fragment of Brocatelle 16th century (ITALY) silk, linen 341-D2
Mixed lace - 'Guipure' Mixed lace - 'Guipure' 18th century (ITALY) (needle lace) 525-D2
Swaddling band Swaddling band (17th century) (ITALY) linen (embroidered lace) (needle lace) (drawn thread) (reticella) 836-D5
Panel (border) Panel (border) 17th century (ITALY) metallic thread 1160 B-D5
Lace 'Reticella' (unfinished) Lace 'Reticella' (unfinished) 16th century (ITALY) "Reticella", unfinished piece, Italian 16th C. style, mounted on card with 513/D2 (specimen 7) 514-D2
Card of buttons Card of buttons 1950-1965 (ITALY) plastic, silk D154-1978
Towel Towel 17th century (ITALY) linen 2985-D3
Border Border (late 16th century-early 17th century) (ITALY) linen 1228-D5
Border Border 16th century (ITALY) linen 975-D5
Border Border 16th century (ITALY) linen 985-D5
Panel Panel 16th century (ITALY) linen 981 B-D5
Border Border (c. 1540) (ITALY) linen 860-D5
Border Border early 16th century (ITALY) linen 1175-D5
Pillow guipure Pillow guipure 18th century (ITALY) (bobbin lace) 528-D2