(286 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Linen border Linen border 19th century (ITALY) floss silks, linen 328-D2
Lacis or darned netting Lacis or darned netting 16th century (ITALY) worked in cream on yellow ochre netting (No 21) 337-D2
Bag Bag (early 20th century) (ITALY) linen D490-1974
Flat Venetian point (unfinished) Flat Venetian point (unfinished) 17th century (ITALY) (needle lace) 520-D2
Full scale toile dress Full scale toile dress (c. 1955) (ITALY) calico D160-1980
Border Border (early 18th century) (ITALY) linen (bobbin lace) 1234 A-D5
Border strip Border strip 17th century (ITALY) brown net darned in cream linen and with pattern edged in blue silk (No 5) 321-D2
Lamp Lamp 2nd century AD (ITALY) terracotta D328-1994
Handle (Roman bronze ware) Handle (Roman bronze ware) (ITALY) bronze 1798-D3
Burse or Corporal case Burse or Corporal case late 17th century (ITALY) silk, metallic thread 1796-D4
Bag Bag (c. 1970) (ITALY) straw CT10-1990
Fragment Fragment mid 19th century (ITALY) linen 1221-D5
Border Border 16th century (ITALY) linen 974-D5
Panel (border) Panel (border) 17th century (ITALY) metallic thread 1160 A-D5
Darned netting 'Punto Ricamato' Darned netting 'Punto Ricamato' (ITALY) "Punto Ricamato", later style, on card (specimen 4) 511-D2
Flounce Flounce (late 17th century) (ITALY) linen (bobbin lace) (Milanese) 1183-D5
Embroidered border Embroidered border 16th century (ITALY) (No 20) 336-D2
Darned netting 'Punto Ricamato' Darned netting 'Punto Ricamato' 16th century (ITALY) "Punto Ricamato", later style, on card (specimen 3) 510-D2
Head dress Head dress 1640 (ITALY) linen 885-D5
Border Border late 15th century (ITALY) linen (lace) 810-D5