UNKNOWN, (Melbourne)

 (25 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
The Victoria Gold Cup The Victoria Gold Cup 1885 UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) gold, silver D43.a-b-1994
Riding Crop Riding Crop 1883 UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) 18ct gold, wood, leather, waxed linen D42-1994
Brooch Brooch (c. 1875) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) 15ct gold, shell cameo, silk, glass D33-1993
Brooch Brooch (c. 1874) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) gold, silver, diamonds D1-1991
Sideboard Sideboard (c. 1880) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) gilt-wood, marble, glass D57-1994
Christening mug Christening mug (c. 1900) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) silver D30-1986
Cribbage board Cribbage board (c. 1875) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta), bone D52-1972
Whistle Whistle (c. 1880) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) 15 ct gold D39-1993
Trophy Trophy (c. 1900) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) emu egg, Pine (Pinus sp.) D100-1981
Casket Casket (c. 1870) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) silver, silver-gilt, emu egg D215-1979
Drawing-room suite Drawing-room suite (c. 1865) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), silk, (other materials) D76.a-g-1987
Tray Tray (c. 1910) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) brass D119-1986
Merry Widow Hat Merry Widow Hat (c. 1918) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) straw, feather D214-1980
Pair of earrings Pair of earrings (c. 1875) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) 15ct gold, shell cameos D34.a-b-1993
Casket Casket (c. 1869) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) silver, silver-gilt, emu egg, ebonised wood D219.a-b-1979
Overmantle mirror Overmantle mirror (c. 1880) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) Pine (Pinus sp.), gilder’s compo, glass D64-1991
Curtain pole Curtain pole (c. 1880) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) Kauri Pine (Agathis robusta), porcelain D342-1980
Trophy Trophy (c. 1900) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) emu egg, Pine (Pinus sp.) D101-1981
Tiara Tiara (c. 1925) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) silver, opal, aquamarine D10-1984
Brooch Brooch (c. 1870) UNKNOWN, (Melbourne) gold, shell cameo, glass, steel D12-1982