(34 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Snuff box Snuff box (late 18th century) (GERMANY) (manufacturer) tortoiseshell, silver, silver plated copper 1656.a-b-D3
Christmas card Christmas card 1880-1890 (GERMANY) paper D133 E-1976
Sampler Sampler 1729 (GERMANY); Murray MARKS silk 958-D2
Snuff box Snuff box (mid 18th century) (GERMANY) (manufacturer) enamel, copper, gilt-metal 3-D1R
Plumes and feathers Plumes and feathers 19th century (GERMANY) feathers, brass, cardboard D93-1972
Greeting card Greeting card 1891 (GERMANY) paper D136 B-1976
Stockings Stockings (c. 1927) (GERMANY) silk, cotton D351.a-b-1974
Panel Panel 1540 (GERMANY) linen 851-D5
Birthday card Birthday card (c. 1886) (GERMANY) paper D135 C-1976
Tablecloth Tablecloth 19th century (GERMANY) linen (damask) 97-D5
Faun and three satyrs, plaquette Faun and three satyrs, plaquette (c. 1600) (GERMANY) bronze 4150-D3
Christmas card Christmas card (c. 1890) (GERMANY) paper D133 A-1976
Christmas card Christmas card 1886 (GERMANY) paper, silk D133 P-1976
Collar Collar 18th century (DENMARK); (GERMANY) muslin, lace, thread 1196-D5