(34 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Valentine Valentine (c. 1870) (GERMANY) paper, silk D134 A-1976
Christmas card Christmas card 1887 (GERMANY) paper D133 F-1976
Valentine Valentine (c. 1870) (GERMANY) paper D134 D-1976
Birthday card Birthday card 1886 (GERMANY) paper D135 D-1976
Border Border early 16th century (GERMANY) linen 803-D5
New year card New year card (c. 1891) (GERMANY) paper D136 C-1976
Christmas card Christmas card 1881-1890 (GERMANY) paper D133 C-1976
Cover Cover 16th century (GERMANY) linen 827-D5
Birthday card Birthday card (c. 1886) (GERMANY) paper D135 B-1976
Stockings Stockings (c. 1920) (GERMANY) silk D352.a-b-1974
Birthday card Birthday card (c. 1886) (GERMANY) paper D135 A-1976
Scissors Scissors (late 19th century) {or (early 20th century)} (GERMANY) steel D29-1972
Christmas card Christmas card (c. 1881-1890) (GERMANY) paper D133 D-1976
Fragment Fragment 16th century (GERMANY) linen 870-D5
Cover Cover 16th century (GERMANY) linen 824-D5
Border Border 1580 (GERMANY) linen 852-D5
Border Border (19th century) (GERMANY) cotton (embroidered lace) (drawn and pulled-thread work) 1074-D5
Needlebook Needlebook 1920-1930 (GERMANY) The Army & Navy, one of collection of needle books (acc.# D149A-C) D149 C-1978
Pot-pourri vase (and lid) Pot-pourri vase (and lid) (1860-1880) (GERMANY) porcelain D323A-1980
Christmas card Christmas card (c. 1890) (GERMANY) paper D133 B-1976