(452 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Brocade Brocade (mid 18th century) (FRANCE) silk D125-1972
Marquise parasol Marquise parasol (1840-1850) (FRANCE) silk, wood D406-1974
Ribbon Ribbon (early 20th century) (FRANCE) velvet D474 A-B-1974
Embroidered border Embroidered border 1895-1915 (FRANCE) silk D242 J-1977
COLLAR COLLAR c. 1915-c. 1920 (FRANCE) White, square with embroidery, edged with lace & scalloped border, 1 of a pair (acc.# D231A-B) D231 A-1977
Border Border early 17th century (FRANCE) linen 909 C-D5
Doll Doll (c. 1898) (FRANCE) bisque, kid, cotton, silk CT1-1983
Fan Fan (c. 1790) (FRANCE) paper, wood, hand-coloured etching 2839-D3
Marquise parasol Marquise parasol (1840-1850) (FRANCE) satin, silk, ivory, silk lining D407-1974
Valenciennes lace Valenciennes lace 17th century (FRANCE) (bobbin lace) 556-D2
Cap crown Cap crown late 18th century (FRANCE) linen 1031 B-D5
Ribbon Ribbon (early 20th century) (FRANCE) petersham D474 E-K-1974
Insertion lace Insertion lace 1900-1920 (FRANCE) cotton D245 I-1977
Shoes Shoes (1880-1892) (FRANCE) silk, leather, doeskin, chenille, glass (beads) D110.a-b-1971
Fan and box Fan and box (early 20th century) (FRANCE) feathers, grebe, mther of pearl D399-1974
Battle of La Motte Picquet Battle of La Motte Picquet 1780-1790 (FRANCE) linen and cotton D26-1970
Cotta Cotta (1830) (FRANCE) netting, silk, silk thread, (cotton) 1120-D5
Border Border (late 18th century) (FRANCE) linen (bobbin lace) (Valenciennes) 1094-D4
Fan Fan (1804-1814) (FRANCE) silk, net, sequins, bone 2837-D3
Border Border 18th century (FRANCE) linen 1214-D5