(47 works)

Img Title Date Artist Medium Acc #
Cover Cover 18th century (SPAIN) linen, wool 1002-D2
Border Border (early 17th century) (SPAIN) linen (embroidered lace) 805-D5
Banderillero's cape Banderillero's cape (mid 20th century) (SPAIN) (satin) D12-1973
Fragment Fragment early 20th century (SPAIN) linen 1163-D5
Theatrical Costume Theatrical Costume (18th century) (SPAIN) cotton velvet, cotton lace, metallic braid, metal (buttons) 1330-D4
Fragment Fragment 17th century (SPAIN) linen 875-D5
Headdress Headdress (19th century) (SPAIN) cotton (bobbin lace) 1091-D5
Panel Panel 16th century (SPAIN) silk, metallic thread 1335-D4
BORDER (BOTTIERE) BORDER (BOTTIERE) 17th century (SPAIN) Cream, Punto in Aria (one of a pair, acc.# 872A-B) 872 B-D5
Barcelona lace Barcelona lace (SPAIN) silk (bobbin) 553-D2
Dalmatic collar Dalmatic collar 16th century (SPAIN) velvet, silk 940 A-D2
Dalmatic Dalmatic 16th century (SPAIN) red velvet with gold and silk embroidery 342-D2
Stand Stand (17th century) (SPAIN) oak (Quercus sp.) 4247.2-D3
Stole Stole 16th century (SPAIN) silk (velvet), metallic thread 1332-D4
Mantilla darned lace Mantilla darned lace (SPAIN) (bobbin lace) 555-D2
Runner Runner 16th century (SPAIN) silk, metallic thread 941-D2
Border Border (18th century) (SPAIN) silk (bobbin lace) 1179-D5
Shirt Shirt 18th century (SPAIN) linen 1126-D5
Fragment Fragment 17th century (SPAIN) linen 876-D5
Border Border (18th century) (SPAIN) linen (bobbin lace) 1046-D5